How to register a domain

Jak zarejestrować domenę na 1 Minute Site?

To register a domain in 1 Minute Site is very easy. When you purchase a package to create your website, you automatically include your domain’s registration. The domain registration process in 1 Minute Site reduces bureaucracy at maximum in order to provide you a quick and easy service.

What is the letter of assumption of responsibility (LAR) ?

In order to ask for a ‘’ domain extension, it is necessary to send a letter in which the applicant becomes civilly and criminally liable in full for the use of the requested domain name. LAR must be in compliance with the Naming Authority (NA) rules.

When registering a domain in 1 Minute Site, do I have to deal with LAR?

NO, you don’t. You only need to fill in the form. 1 Minute Site committs to finish all necessary bureaucratic steps in a short time.

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