1Minutesite is a useful tool that allows you to create your website for free by following three simple steps.


You only need to register and then you will have step-by-step instructions: from selecting your favourite graphics or adding contents to the online publication.

You can also add a photo gallery, YouTube videos or attachments. Other kinds of useful tools regard for example Google Analytics statistics or contact forms, in order to have a more direct communication with your audience.

Try to create your website with 1Minutesite. It’s easy, funny and you don’t need any particular skill! You can manage it in complete autonomy. Your new website will be created in a professional way and it will be positioned on search engines.


It’s also possible to further customise your website! In fact, all of our staff is at your disposal for everything you need. For example, you can ask for a custom graphics that fits well with your logotype and the colours of your company; or you can ask for the catalogue of some products or for an e-commerce, in order to sell online your company’s products.


So, what are you waiting for? 1Minutesite helps you enjoy the creation of your website. Start soon to create it for free by registering now. Just fill in the registration form.

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